The Worst Day So Far

To really appreciate the good times we must all go through some bad times. This was certainly the case for me yesterday.

After one  of the best nights on my travels so far, at Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party, things were about to get a little bumpy and wet. And I do mean that quite literally.

The day didn’t start off to well as out of nowhere a downpour of rain came gushing down on us. Now as this happened my phone was in my hand and may have got slightly wet. It soon started opening apps up randomly by itself – calling people and even browsing, without me even touching it. Now I’m not 100% certain it is water damaged but right now that’s the only theory I have. So with a messed up phone with a mind of it’s own in one hand, the only thing I thought of that could potentially save it was rice. Yes the food.

Now I’ve got to say a huge thank you to the kitchen staff at The Avenue Hotel in the Chaweng area of Ko Samui because they really helped me out with the rice.


First my phone gets ruined… if only I knew the day was about to get much worse.

So with the tour group I’m travelling in the South of Thailand with, we checked out of our hotel and headed for the beautiful island of Ko Tao. Which is where I’m currently writing this from. To get here we had to get a catamaran boat. Now it could have been a beautiful journey overlooking the ocean, but it wasn’t. It felt like hell and there were times I literally thought the boat was going to go over and I was going to die.

You may think I’m over exaggerating so I’ll paint you a picture.

It’s pouring down with rain, thundering, the water is choppy, the boat is bouncing up and down and it’s hot, stuffy and humid. Despite being in the open sea, there was no fresh air inside the boat. It was like being on a rollercoaster in the middle of the ocean – and for a person who can’t swim, I was incredibly scared! To top it off half of the people on the boat were being sick, I’d say at least 50 people. All you could hear were sounds of the sea, rain and people throwing up into plastic bags. There was nothing to do except put my head down in my hands and pray to get to the island, safely and in one piece.

After what felt like the longest two hours in my life, we finally arrived at Ko Tao. It looks like the bad weather has followed us as been raining for more than 24 hours! It’s such a shame though as the pictures I’ve seen of Ko Tao in the sunshine are absolutely incredible!

Apologies if this has been a very depressing blog post to read. But if you do plan to travel to Ko Tao from Ko Samui, I hope it’s been useful to know what to expect from the journey across.

Also a tip from me – if you have a waterproof phone case – USE IT and don’t complain about it not taking as clear pictures! I’m kicking myself now.



Current location: Blogging from a rainy but beautiful hotel overlooking tropical plants praying my phone works after I take it out of rice!




  1. Aw Maya it sounds awful ! Glad u eventually reached there safely though ! Let’s hope the worse is behind you and you can start to relax and enjoy paradise ! Can’t wait to see more pics! Take care and keep safe !

  2. Why do you carry phone in your hand?
    Hope the rice does the trick if not let us know and we’ll send you another phone
    Don’t worry, this things happen in real life too.
    I thought you could swim a bit. Next time make sure you are supplied with life jacket
    T/c Dad in sunny Wolves

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