The Best Beach in Cambodia

Yes I know that’s a very VERY big statement to make, but I’ve honestly never seen a beach with sand so fine and white, crystal clear blue waters and only a handful of people within a one mile radius. With only one hostel on this side of the island and no shops, ATMs, bars or restaurants, Clear Water Bay is well and truly cut off from the outside world.

There’s no hot water, limited electricity to only a few hours of the day, and absolutely NO WIFI! To many people that may seem like their idea of hell, but for me, it seemed like the getaway I’d be longing for for a while.

I messaged my family before going to Clear Water Bay, telling them I’ll be uncontactable for a few days. My sister’s reply: “How are you going to survive?”

I didn’t really know. I’m the one who’s always on her phone, the first one to ask for the wifi password, not that I’m anti social or anything, I just like to stay connected!

So off I went. I jumped onto the yellow ferry with ‘Speed Ferry Cambodia’ from the Koh Rong pier at Sihanoukville. It’s the quickest and most direct way to get to Driftwood. Within less than an hour I had arrived at the last stop, Clearwater Bay.

It was tranquil, relaxing and peaceful.

As I walked off the pier with the only other one person that had got the boat with me, we looked around and couldn’t see anyone in sight. We began to follow the makeshift signs to our hostel.



Set on an untouched, private and secluded 2km long beach, the hostel backs onto untouched jungles with over 95% of the island completely undeveloped.

The hostel has only been open since August 2016 so it’s still in its early stages as a no-frills, basic hostel. Although they do do amazing breakfasts! If you’re looking for somewhere quiet to relax, enjoy the sun, sea, sand, perhaps take a trek through the jungle and meet likeminded travellers this is a place you’ve got to visit.

But if you’re the type of person who needs things to do and gets bored pretty easily I’d say this place probably isn’t for you.

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All meals at the hostel are vegetarian and everyone usually gathers for a group meal around 8pm each night. It’s quite nice really, everyone eating together, getting to know one another. It’s like one big happy family. The chef is pretty cool too – I even pitched in with the food prep one of the days and cut up some of the veggies. Note to Mom & Dad: my cooking skills are getting much better 👩🏽‍🍳

But it’s the volunteers who manage and run the hostel; reception area; kitchen and everything else in between that makes Driftwood such a nice environment to be in. The people were so friendly and always happy to help with anything!

I’d booked to stay in the Driftwood hostel for three nights, in reality I wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t for needing internet to check my emails for a job I was waiting to hear back from.

Driftwood, you’ve been amazing! For three days it’s felt like I’ve been living on my own little piece of desert paradise. I’ve met some of the coolest people here, practised & failed at swimming lessons in the most beautiful of waters and made some incredible memories with friends that I will never forget – especially turning up to a Cambodian wedding looking like a drowned rat and wearing strangers’ clothing. See picture below for more on that story.

To Hannah, Lune, Eva, Chak, and the two Will’s – if you read this, thanks again for that wedding invitation & all the other crazy experiences that followed 😂

To find out more about Driftwood you can check them out on Facebook here.

Current location: A very sunny Vietnam ☀


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