A Merry Sandy Christmas

Waking up and heading to beach for Christmas has got to be one of the best things… EVER!

Although to be truthfully honest, it didn’t feel like Christmas until I picked up a Santa hat. I’ve never spent Christmas away from my family, and only 3 weeks in to my travelling adventure, for the first time I was beginning to miss home!
Fortunately I managed to find somewhere with wifi and I did get to wish them all a very Merry Christmas! But there was one thing I couldn’t live without… a Christmas dinner of course.

It’s been a strange few days here on the island, not in a bad way – just not what I was expecting.

The island was hit with a lot of rain over the past week so the for the first few days I wasn’t able to do or see much due to the flooding. But as soon as the rain stopped a friend who knows the island quite well showed me around some of the tourist spots!

We headed to Hin Lad waterfall, the hike up took about 45 minutes but when we got to the top the view was amazing! Sadly my photos of the waterfall got deleted but here’s one of me and my friend Mike on our way up to the view!

Perhaps not the ordinary tourist spot, but quite an interesting one. In one of Koh Samui’s temples lies a mummified monk. Loung Pordaeng has been kept on display, sitting in an upright position in a glass casket in the Wat Khunaram temple for more than 30 years.



Current location: Blogging from my hotel pool (it was time to get out of the hostel for a few days)



  1. Merry Christmas from all here in cold Bolton ! Glad your having a good time and missing us lots ! Jai and Neo want u to take a picture of sharks and paranahs if h come across any ! Take care and keep safe ! Lots of love dips x

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