10 things I Miss About Living in England

Over the weekend my best friend, who I’ve not had the chance to speak to properly in months, sent me some of those Facebook memory photographs. You know the ones that tell you what happened ‘On this Day’ so many years ago. After we spoke about how quickly the last 4 years had gone by and how we still looked pretty much the same, minus the fresh faces, I soon realised I really missed wearing woolly hats. Yes woolly hats. So it got me thinking of what else I miss about living away from England.

Before you read any further, I’ll add this isn’t your typical post about missing food or people. Just like me, my top 10 is full of slightly odd things.

So in no particular order, here are the 10 things I miss about living in England.


10. Wearing hats that aren’t motorbike helmets.
Give me a wooly hat any day! P.s. The picture on the right was snapped 4 years ago!
9. Being able to step out of my front door and go for a run.
It’s so polluted here 😷
8. The ease of making a bank transfer or payment.
The usual wait in line, plus processing at the bank can take a good hour 😴
7. Wearing tights / thick socks, or just any socks for that matter.
Especially wearing socks to bed. To anyone who thinks I’m weird for that just – try it on a cold night. You’ll be hooked forever! #promise
6. Chocolate
Cadburys Dairy Milk just isn’t the same in Asia.
5. McDonalds coke the morning after a big night out 🙌🏽 #hangovercure
A can of regular coke just doesn’t cut it… it needs to be watered down and not too fizzy!
4. Not having to think twice about catching head lice at the age of 25.
I’ll save the head lice story for another day 🙈
3. Walking into a shoe store and not having to ask “What shoes do you have in a size UK 6?” as your first question.
These are what you end up with when your feet are too big for Asian trainers or shoes 🙄

These are what you end up with when your feet are too big for Asian trainers or shoes 🙄

2. Next Day Delivery 📦
I don’t even like online shopping, but I’m fed up of recycling the same outfits I’ve had for the last 10 months!
1. Living in my blue fluffy nightgown whenever I was lazing around the house.
Selfie with the best nephew ever!

It’s crazy to think I still wear this nightgown after 10 years. The first time I wore it was a decade ago when me and my best friend, (who inspired this blog post), decided to go to school in our pyjamas to raise money for charity. I think it’s fair to say, from a very young age we didn’t mind standing out from the crowd! 

Do you miss anything when you’re away from home? Leave me a comment below 👇🏽



  1. I agree with the last one! Whenever i came to your house you were always wearing your blue night gown and as soon as you got in the house it was on.

  2. Don’t you miss your mom + dad.
    your dad’s chicken curry on Sunday lunch with rice and rotlis and sometimes Daal with gor ? Or helping dad making rotlis?
    LYA xx

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